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  A professional speakers system manufacturer, Guangzhou Sonicstar was established in1993, with two founders graduates of the Acoustics Department of Nanjing University, China.
   The garden-like factory covers an area of more than 20,000 sq. m., boasting 18 advanced product lines and a staff of about 500. With self-sufficient Electricity power equipment, production capacity reaches 300 k sets per year, focusing on providing OEM&ODM services to customers worldwide.
   Strict execution of ISO 9001:2000 quality system, together with a professional management team and proficient engineers all guarantee quality stability. Besides ISO9001:2000 certificate, IQC,IPQC,OQC and QE inspections as well as 5S are implemented to further enhance quality control. Moreover, every finished product undergoes pure-tone audiometry and quality testing by electronic acoustic equipments.
   To provide the best acoustic sound for different listening needs is our philosophy, which is made possible by our high designing and developing capability. In the R&D center, special software "speaker System CAD", which is designed by our R&D team, and various professional computer-testing system (LMS,DAAS,CLIO) are applied. With our rich technical resources, good relationships with suppliers and tight connections with research institutions, a system of "quick response" has been constructed to satisfy customers' individual needs promptly. As a result, We are capable to design and develop high quality speakers, home theatre systems, subwoofers, and are well recognized for creativity, reliability and credibility.
  Job trainings are offered to improve working proficiency & efficiency, which help build up a professional managerial team as well as proficient engineers and stable labor forces. As a result, we are able, at reasonable cost, to design and mass-produce individualized products at stable quality to match specific brand image

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Hotline: (86)020- 36091005 Fax: (86) 020-36090061
Address: Sonicstar industrial zone, Shima, Junhe, Baiyun District, Guangzhou ,Guangdong,China
粵ICP備 05050429號
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